My dog, Riley, loves to stay with Melissa. He gets excited to see her the moment we start to walk up her front steps. Melissa takes incredible care of all of her charges – you can see that the dogs are enjoying each other. I feel incredibly comfortable having Riley stay with her. Melissa is the best pet sitter that I have ever used. I strongly recommend her services.

- Carmen – Owner of Riley, Mixed Breed

Melissa has been my pet sitter for five years now. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a responsible and trustworthy pet sitter. When Dexter and I drive down Melissa’s street, he immediately knows where he is headed and gets extremely excited. His tail starts wagging, and he can’t wait to get out of the car and up to the front door. There he is greeted by Melissa, always with a friendly smile on her face, and other doggie friends. I am extremely picky when it comes to someone taking care of my baby. The only people I will allow to watch Dexter is Melissa and My Mom.

- Emily – Owner of Dexter, Mixed Breed

It is a common misconception that cats are not social creatures…the first time my cats stayed at Melissa’s it was hard to pry them away from all their new friends-both cats and dogs! Melissa is excellent with them and I trust her not only as a great pet sitter but also as a great veterinary technician. She has the experience and expertise to deal with any medical problems that might occur. I would not trust my cats with anyone else.

- Jennifer – DVM Owner of Petey and Ashbury, Cats

Melissa has been taking care of my dog, Tillie, for close to five years now. While I was initially hesitant to leave Tillie with her, as soon as I met Melissa I knew she would take good care of her. At this point anytime Tillie smells Melissa coming over to pick her up, she starts whimpering in excitement. Between playing with the other dogs and all the special attention Melissa gives her, my puppy comes back exhausted and looking great.

- Paul – Owner of Tillie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hi Melissa (and Joe!), Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of the Oz man for 2 months. He’s doing amazingly well!! His weight is perfect and his coat is so soft and shiny. He also adjusted immediately to my new place. The first night he was looking around like “where the heck am I”, but never went into hiding. The second night I got home from work, fed him and then he started tearing through the house and playing with everything he could bat around. I haven’t seen him with that much energy in years. He’s also so much more patient getting fed. He used to wake me up crying to get fed and the last 2 nights he slept right next to me and laid there until i got up and asked if he was hungry. then he’d jump down and go to his bowl without making a noise. I am amazed at his progress and feel like i have a brand new cat.

I can’t thank you enough for all the care you’ve given him over the years and I am certain that because he was in your hands while I was away that he is so much healthier and happier. Thank you!!!

- Betsy – Owner of Ozzie, domestic short haired cat

We love pet sitter Melissa!! My dogs start “screaming” with excitement on the way to Melissa’s. They forget about me as soon as they get in the front door, they can’t wait to explore and meet new friends. More importantly, I no longer worry about them when I am out of town. Melissa is very professional and provides outstanding service, which she adapts to your pets’ unique needs. I highly recommend her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have large and small animals, all different personality types go to her for their boarding care. Everyone gets along and the environment is clean and friendly. She is a jewel and we are very appreciative.

- Christine – Owner of Jet and Lucy, Miniature Pinchers

In all my life with my four-footed friends who have stayed with this person or this service or have had people come to my house in Colorado or here in Massachusetts, I have never…..never..ever…recalled seeing one of them get so excited to go some place other than their home the way that I remember seeing Abby get so excited to see your house as we pulled up and watch her run to your door and bang to be let in. I know she loves being there and that’s why we can’t think of anyone else if we need to ‘bring’ them somewhere.

- Drew – Owner of Abby, Old English Sheep Dog