My name is Melissa, and I live in Revere, MA. I am the owner and operator of Pet Sitter Melissa, and I will personally be the person in charge of caring for your beloved pets.

I graduated from North Shore Community College with a degree in Veterinary Technology and I am a Massachusetts Certified Veterinary Technologist. Currently, I am also working as a veterinary technologist a few hours per week at a local animal hospital as well as taking online courses towards my BAS in Veterinary Technology. In addition to these online courses, I attend canine/feline behavior lectures and seminars, and I am an avid reader of canine/feline behavior books.

I am currently a member of several groups related to my work: the National Association of Veterinary Technologists in America, the Society for Veterinary Behavior Technicians, and the State of Massachusetts Animal Emergency Response Team (SMART). Furthermore, I do volunteer work at a wildlife sanctuary in Maine, mainly doing work socializing wildlife and assisting with medical procedures.

I have a wealth of experience with animals in a variety of different situations, including through schooling, working at a veterinary hospital, volunteer work, as a pet owner, and of course as an experienced pet sitter. The animals that I care for are with me, not shut in a gloomy kennel, but in a loving and nurturing environment. I am insured and bonded. In the event of any dog getting sick, I have veterinarians on call 24 hours a day, making my home a great environment for geriatric and special needs animals. Additionally, I have central air conditioning for hot days and a private room for felines to ensure all pets are comfortable. Your pet will get the individual attention they need, and are treated as if they are one of my own pets.

I incorporate Young Living, all natural 100% pure essential oils in the environment of my home. I diffuse oils such as lavender into the air to help promote a calm and peaceful environment. If you’re interested in bringing this same tranquility to your home, please contact me to purchase any Young Living oils.


I have 3 cats: “McLovin” (black and white domestic short hair), “Lesley Chow” (Devon Rex), and “Monroe Grimm” (gray tiger domestic shorthair). I have a mutt named Casey and a chihuahua named Princess Leia. All of my pets are extremely friendly with both dogs and cats, and their constant presence means your pet will always have another animal to play with! Between my experience and knowledge, the constant presence of other animals, and my genuine and innate love of animals, you can always feel comfortable leaving your pets with Pet Sitter Melissa!