Hi Melissa (and Joe!), Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of the Oz man for 2 months. He’s doing amazingly well!! His weight is perfect and his coat is so soft and shiny. He also adjusted immediately to my new place. The first night he was looking around like “where the heck am I”, but never went into hiding. The second night I got home from work, fed him and then he started tearing through the house and playing with everything he could bat around. I haven’t seen him with that much energy in years. He’s also so much more patient getting fed. He used to wake me up crying to get fed and the last 2 nights he slept right next to me and laid there until i got up and asked if he was hungry. then he’d jump down and go to his bowl without making a noise. I am amazed at his progress and feel like i have a brand new cat.

I can’t thank you enough for all the care you’ve given him over the years and I am certain that because he was in your hands while I was away that he is so much healthier and happier. Thank you!!!